The River Boyne


Ireland is renowned for its mythical legends and one of the most well known is the Celtic story of the salmon of knowledge. It is set in Meath a time long ago and involving a brave warrior called Fionn who was destined as an adult to become the leader of Ireland’s army of fighters who were the defenders of the high king, residing at his palace on the nearby Hill of Tara. The story took place when as a boy he was being tutored by a wily old druid poet who was hiding a secret that would have made him the wisest of men and give him supernatural powers. Then there is the fish, a large elusive salmon which fed off magical hazelnuts in a secret pool of wisdom and whoever caught it and tasted its flesh first would then miraculously receive all the knowledge of the world. The story has a twist in its tail of course and all of Ireland benefits from its happy conclusion with the many battles subsequently won by the young hero.

The salmon of knowledge experience will tell you about the sacred Boyne river in Navan, you will be regaled this famous story of Fionn, his cunning mentor and the famous fish. Then you will get to actually taste a portion of salmon itself as part of a gourmet three course meal and hopefully you too may even acquire some of the knowledge of the world there and then! This is a fun, unique, informative and entertaining portrayal of a most celebrated tale from Ireland’s ancient storybook, delving deep into a colourful past where fables were told as lessons and inspirations for life.

This superb three hour hotel dining and interpretative experience is for tour groups of minimum twenty. For more information and bookings call 085 717 9005.

“As a local group immersed in and passionate about the promotion of our rich history in Meath this vibrant story perfectly highlights the magic and mystery of Ireland’s extraordinary past”

James Kealy, Meath Archaeological and Historical Society

“As an elected leader of the Navan community I am delighted to see such a new and unique heritage tourism venture established to attract even more visitors and business to our historic county of Meath”

Wayne Forde, Deputy Mayor of Navan

The Ramparts, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland.  085 717 9005

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